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Students are asked to apply the concepts of poster design (U2A2) to the theme of Water.  Students are expected to apply the digital manipulation tools developed throughout Unit 2.   This activity will help you explore the often overlooked importance of water and the important role it plays in our everyday lives as well as its social and cultural implications.

»Amongst all the elements, water is the second heaviest and the second least constant … in the heat, it rises up in the air as a fine vapour; it freezes in the cold, and it goes off when left to stand … it takes on any smell, any colour or taste, and in itself has none … with a sweep or a leap it can rise up in the air just as it normally falls.« — Leonardo da Vinci

Please visit the contest site here 

Assignment Dates: Friday December 6 at midnight


This contest/assignment asks that you use the techniques acquired in the photoshop component of the course to create a unique and creative design that uses “WATER” as the theme. Think about the vital role water plays in our day to day lives, but also consider for a moment what our days would look like if it suddenly were not there in the clean form we are used to, or what if it were not there at all. If this has made you realize that we have been taking something so vital for granted, congratulations. You are at the next step. How important is water for you, how does it play a role in your life, where do you get it, what do you do with it? Is it a never-ending source that can be wasted?

  • show how we use water either in a good way or a negative way;
  • and create images that illustrate water in your daily lives, showing proper, improper use, better use of this resource, etc.


Part 1 – Folder and Posting start-up (10 marks):

  • Due:  December 2nd, 2013 
  • Create a Rich Activity Folder in your Unit 2 folder of your portfolio.
  • Post the concept of your poster on the blog site under the category -UNIT 2 RICH UNIT – 1 – CONCEPT- in the form of a paragraph here and include the following:
    • Your Name,
    • Your Teacher’s name,
    • Unit 2, Rich Activity

Part 2 – WORD CLOUD (10 marks):

  • Due:  December 2, 2013 
  • In 25 words, describe the meaning water has for you and create a word cloud in either WORDLE or TAGXEDO that you will incorporate into your poster.
  • Post your text here

Part 3 – Poster Creation (70 marks):

  • Due: December 8th, 2013  
  • Create a new canvas (5 marks):
    • firstnamelastinitial_U2_RU
    • 16.5 inches h X  11.7 inches w,
    • 240 dpi,
  • Develop a creative title graphic (10 marks),
  • Develop a creative design using at least one Key Image and (15 marks).
  • Develop a short “Call for action” tag line in a or different Text layer(s) and strategically integrate it/these into your poster (5 marks),
  • Develop at least 3 facts in the form of Text layer(s) and strategically integrate these into your poster using various techniques learned in class (5 marks),
  • Integrate the word “WATER” into your poster (5 marks),
  • Your poster must demonstrate the mastering of the following Digital Manipulation skills (25 marks):
    • Masking tools (selection tools),
    • Blending modes,
    • Image Adjustments,
    • Rasterizing,
    • Shape tools
    • Layer organization and Design,
Part 4 – Final Posting and Project submission (10 marks):
  • Due:  December 8th, 2013 
  • Save 2 files (1-jpg & 1-psd) as: firstnamelastinitial_U2_RU.jpg  and firstnamelastinitial_U2_RU.psd in your Unit 2/Rich Activity folder.
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