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Summative Task 2014

  • Practical Summative Tasks (due dates vary … see below) (January13  to January 23) 20%,
  • In-Class Theory Exam (January 17, 2014) 10%


Students are to complete the 3 phases (pre-production (research), production and post-production) of producing digital artwork and a short advertisement parody of their choice. Students are to complete the following elements for their summative activity:

  1. a short 20 second to 30 second video,
  2. a 13 X 19 inch portrait format Poster of the spoof ad campaign,

Step 1 (File Management) 1% of Final Grade

  • Create a new sub-folder called: 2014_DPDFHR_Summative_firstlastinitial, in your Thawed drive,
  • You must prepare your portfolio: Organize and rename all files so they correspond to the following  format: firstlastname_UxAx. Once you have organized all your files, copy them (keeping them in organized unit folders) from unit 1, unit 2 and Unit 3 to your new Summative subfolder. NOTE: do not hand in premier project files as these are not videos. You can only submit exported videos. You must hand in your Portfolio by no later than January 22, 2014
  • NOW create a Comment with the following information:
    • title of Post is “your full name summative post” on this site:
    • all posted summative artwork and storyboards must be submitted to this page as threaded posts. The videos must be saved to your Summative folder in the Thaw drive and your share folder. IF YOU HAVE NOT ACTIVATED YOUR SKYDRIVE USING OFFICE 365, DO SO NOW AND USE IT TO BACKUP YOUR WORK.
    • due: January 13, 2013

Step 2 (Research) 1% of Final Grade

In a MS Word/Notepad/Wordpad document, (you will need to watch your film in class so bring it in and bring headphones) and reflect on your favourite 2 minutes of any film (documentary, music video, TV show, etc.) and their techniques used. In a reply to your Post Page critically think and reflect on the following points:

  • 1. Provide web link or Video name
  • 2. Reflect on how you think this film was created
    • 3. What props were used?
    • 4. What transitions were used?
    • 5. What effects were used?
    • 6. How was text used?
    • 7. What were the camera shots and angles?
    • 8. How effective were they used?
    • 9. How was audio used to reinforce the message and the video?
    • 10.Were Still Images used? If so, how?
  • Post your answers as a reply to your Step 1 Post,
  • due: January 13, 2013 (by midnight)

Step 3 (Proposal for Ad parody) 1% of Final Grade

To understand the intention of your video (you will make it 20 to 30 seconds long), choose an advertisement you want to parody and in a Blog reply (on your Summative post), provide a proposal/summary (4 to 5 sentences) of the advertisement you have chosen and how you intend to parody the work. You may change male characters to female characters, etc. Make sure it is deemed “School appropriate.” Keep in mind that your post must reflect the following criteria:

  • represent the advertising you will be parodying,
  • present your approach/angle as to how you will change the elements,
  • due: January 14

Step 4 (Storyboarding) 1% of Final Grade

  • Storyboard 1 frame for every 5 seconds of video footage, be sure to use all requirements taught in class.
  • Start with intro title and end with credits. Digitalize and submit electronically, and submit to teacher via the blog.
  • Save as: Firstlastname_summativeStoryboard.jpg
  • Storyboard due on post site by June January 16, 2013 by class begin.

Step 5 (Film) 6% of Final Grade

The short video must display:

  • a minimum of 5 different royalty free sound effects,
  • a royalty free score (music),
  • a voice over, text or a host depicts/presents video story,
  • start with a minimum of 5 seconds with”Sisler High School ICT Video” logo (click here to get the file)
  • a minimum of 5 seconds for a title, applying a creative Title Graphic approach
    • Creative title with a graphic design approach
    • ” a Your name production”
    • dphr25s/dfhr25s summative activity
    • your teacher’s name
  • Images and all video must be 720 X 480 pixels
  • Maximum length: 30 sec
  • Minimum Length: 20 sec
  • Must strategically use and integrate a minimum of 3 different camera shots, and 3 different camera angles.
  • POPULAR MUSIC (copyrighted) may not be used – it must be royalty free.
  • Do not use students names in video or credits,
  • Credits at the end of video should include your name last initial, copyright information and “A 2013 Sisler DPHR25/DFHR25 Summative activity
  • Export movie as: firstlastname_summativevideo.wmv
  • save wmv to to your portfolio folder.
  • Final filming date is: January 21 (there will be no filming after this date)
  • Final video is due: June 13, 2013

Step 6 (Poster) 6% of Final Grade

Poster must:

  • be set up at 13 inches X 19 inches, 150 resolution
  • present a stylized artistic approach that reflects the theme of your video,
  • all text information must be no closer than 1/2 an inch from edges.
  • present main content presented in the ad must be clearly integrated into poster,
  • use all elements of Poster Design
  • No text within 1/2 an inch from poster edges. Credit box must include the following text information: First Last name, Digital Film and Digital Pictures Portfolio,course code, section, Sisler High School, January, 2012, Mr. Leduc or Ms. Dubois-Vandale
  • be saved as: FirstlastName_Summative_Poster.jpg
  • Artwork not submitted using proper formatting will result in a ZERO
  • Post jpg to post site
  • Due: January 23, 2013

Step 7 (Digital Portfolio) 4% of Final Grade

Check your files and folders again. Make sure everything is there.

  • Get an external harddrive from your teacher and submit your portfolio,
  • Make sure your Folder is name: first last_name_portfolio,
  • Backup your portfolio on your personal USB,
  • Go post site and comment “all done!”

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