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Exam Review


Know the following terms:

·   aperture

·   ISO

·   shutter speed

·   depth of field

·   f-stop

·   sensor

·   shutter

·   lens

·   SLR

·   point and shoot



Understand the following items

·         FILETYPES: jpg, psd

·         layers, stacking order

·         blending modes

·         selection tools: quick selection tool, magic wand, marquee, lasso tools (polygonal, magnetic, lasso)

·         selection options:

§  new  selection

§  add to selection

§  subtract from selection

§  intersect selection

·         photo filters

·         adjustment layers

·         masking




What is Premier Pro

What is a prproj file

What is a wmv file

What is an flv file

What are HD video dimensions?

Know all your shots and angles

identify a transition

What is a key frame, what is it used for

what is a storyboard

what information must go on a storyboard

what are pre-production, production, post-production

what is fps

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