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Code of Conduct

First and foremost, use common sense and understand that there are teachers/staff and students nearby who are trying to get work done. Keep the noise down, be polite, and try not to disturb those who are trying to work. Please understand that the use of a computer and other technology in lab 58-57 is a privilege, not a right, and the privilege of using the technology in Lab 58-57 will be revoked if you are not respectful of the rights of all who use this room. All rules apply to inside and outside the lab (on-shoot locations and hallways). Here are some rules of decorum that will be maintained at all times.

Behavioural Expectations:

  • Show good manners and be respectful towards all you, inside and outside the lab (applies to on-shoot locations and hallways).
  • Please, no profanity or vulgar language, and keep the noise level down. Do not shout across the room to another student or colleague, and do not listen to music/audio through the speakers.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to bring food or drink into any of these rooms.
  • The computers, photographic equipment. Video equipment and other hardware in this room are to be used for Mr. Haussler’s coursework, projects, activities, homework, and research. Do not tamper with them, disconnect cables, and deface any of the equipment.
  • Please leave all backpacks, purses and bags in your lockers – they are not permitted in Lab 58-57. A Late will be assigned if you are re-directed to your locker to drop off your bag and the class commences. Student will need to get a late slip. If there is something you need to keep in a bag, and the bag needs to be stored in Lab 58-57, get approval by Mr. Leduc at the start of the semester. Any personal items that go missing in the lab 58-57 are not Lab 58-57 and Sisler’s responsibility.
  • Please clean up after yourself when you leave the room. Leave the computer station how Mr. Haussler would set it up. Pickup and recycle all scratch paper, place all clutter in the trash, adjust the monitor, mouse and keyboard and push your chair back under the table or computer counter.

Use and expected practices when using lab 58-57 Computers:

  • Students must save work files (except video files) in their student account to be able to access them on a later date.
  • All the computer hard drives in this lab have a thawed partition and a frozen partition, meaning the applications are frozen and other applications can not be installed to the C Drive. The Partition drive is where all students enrolled in all of Mr. Leduc’s classes have access to save large projects under an appropriate folder title: courscode_firstlastname, ie., IMHR3S_jamieleduc. Any folder or files not saved under an appropriate folder will be permanently removed at any time. DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING on the partition drive. If you do, you will have your account revoked and further actions will be taken.
  • Due to the partition drive, it is very easy to have your files deleted. Please be kind, do not tamper with other folders. Due to this reason there will be a preset (permanent – unless Mr. Haussler informs you of a change) seating plan. All work must be backed up on your course USB by the last 10 minutes of the class, especially uploaded raw video.
  • When logged onto a computer, you are responsible for any violation of computer use. Keep this in mind if you are considering giving your login to another student, you will be held responsible for anything that student does on the computer under your login. Do not give out your computer account information.

Filming and Photography out of class

  • All filming will be conducted inside Lab 58-57 unless:
    • entire class relocates to another location for filming sessions,
    • Filming outside class (with approval) can be completed: before school 8:15 – 8:40,
    • during lunch Lab will be open on every even day (2, 4, 6),
    • after school (arrange with teacher at least 24 hours in advance).
  • Any filming and or photography completed outside Sisler must be approved by Mr. Haussler before uploading:
    • Video and Photography content must be appropriate for a school environment, no profanity, nudity, inappropriate images, incriminating images, offensive images, slandering, etc. Failure to follow this rule may result in an incomplete grade on project and presented to administration.