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Unit 1 Activity 1

When you create your first post, please include your firstname and lastname initial only and add the text.

  1. KennethP

    I agree with the article, “Is technology Ruining our Children?” by Amy Jenson. Kids these days are wasting their time on technology, that it is becoming unhealthy for their social skills.
    The main issue presented in this article is that kids these days are misusing the technology they are given. Instead of using the technology they are given to help them in their educational learning, children use the technology to play games and waste their time. By the way they are using technology; it deprives them of their social skills.
    This article impacts the lives of my generation by depriving them of their social skills. The lack of social skills will affect their lives greatly when they become older. They will not know how to talk in person, or they will be too shy to talk to people in person. This could affect them in many ways, in example, job interviews, they won’t know what to say, they’re too shy to say much, and they won’t give a good impression and will most likely not get the job.

    • SamB

      Is Technology making books more engrossing for readers? In my opinion no. It does make them more open to the idea of reading by making it easier to find the right book for you. I don’t believe that reading on a handheld device or computer makes much of a difference to someone who is not as involved as a person who reads regularly. I think a book is more engrossing because you cant simply turn off a book. The feeling of the book makes the experience all the better and make’s you pay attention more because of less distractions.
      In the article “How technology is making books more engrossing for readers” written by StatePoint . It shows that more people like to use to use handheld device’s but is it because they like they find it easier to pay attention or just cause it’s convenient. This could affect people who have jobs at a company who prints books because those people could lose their jobs because all of that content the author makes can now be sent straight to your mobile device.

      • I agree with battsy’s post because it really doesn’t matter whether its a book or not, they both look the same, the only difference is one is hand written and one is typed out using a computer.
        The main issue in this article is if electronic devices is engrossing for reader, it shows that more people likes to use handheld devices in stead of books. It’s not really about whats better, its about preference, what the person likes better not what every thinks is the best.

    • renzgabi permalink

      I agree with you. The main issue of this article is that young people are using technology in the wrong way when trying to learn. Instead of using the technology to learn or search information, they use it to their own leisure, like chatting to other people online or playing games. Young people who use technology sometimes use it to waste time and don’t get work done and will not have the social skills that they will need in the future.

    • jonaso2013 permalink

      I agree with your post, Supremenig. The main issue is that technology is affecting our children of today’s generation. I remember a few years back, I spent way too much time on the Internet, interacting with my friends and then when I tried talking to them at school, face to face, it felt like my first time ever talking to them! It was very awkward for me, especially because of how my social skills suffered from interacting too much online. Technology did a big impact on me.

  2. mineskiirvin permalink

    Ric Irvin
    Author: Eleanor Bradford Source: BBC News
    Yes I definitely agree with this article “Half of teenagers sleep deprived, say experts”

    The main issue on this article is about teenagers that are not getting enough sleep cause of playing games in the internet.

    This article really tackles the things that teenagers go through like having lack of sleep that leads towards being unfocused at class. Being a gamer myself that plays for a gaming team that competes, I usually don’t get to sleep that much, cause I have to wake up in the morning and start practicing to get much better.

    • I totally agree with you! I’m also a gamer, and also play with a team in some tournaments. I also have lack of sleep, and sometimes I slack in school because of it. Us gamers, do not have enough sleep therefore affecting how we behave in school and this also affects our grades.

    • yeah i agree because that`s what i`m doing back in the philippines I`m not eating enough because i have to go back in the game so i eat very fast and its hard to stop that kind of hobby. .

      • and that will cause you lack of sleep because it`s hard to leave that game.

  3. HannahJ

    I agree with the article “Teenagers and Their Sleepless Lives” by Heather, Saida, and Olivia because technology truly contributes to the teenagers’ sleepless nights. The temptations of the readily available modern technology hinder the teens to use their time to other useful, healthy, and vital activities such as sleeping and face to face conversations. The main issue presented in this article is how technology impacts the day to day activities of teenagers who tend to spend most of their time using different forms of social media. This article impacts the lives of my generation because it described how technology affects our social life. Unlike before, people used to have conversations in person and people in our age tend to engage themselves in physical activities such as sports and other extra-curricular activities. Presently, teenagers spend most of their time looking on their phones and sitting in front of their computer screens. Due to this, they lose track of time and eventually it affects their sleeping habits. This can ultimately affect their school performance because they will have poor concentration and thinking skills.

    • I definitely agree with how teenagers are being sleep deprived nowadays because of the usage of too much time on technology.I speak from my own personal experience that I lack of sleep because I spend most of my day on the Internet, but I do make sure to balance both sleeping and my technology time.

    • jonhelynl permalink


      I agree with your opinion on this article. The main issue of this article is that technology impacts the lives of teenagers in a negative way. Teens today spend most of their time on their phones or on the internet. Because of this, most teens are deprived of sleep, exercise, and face-to-face interaction. This deprivation causes teenagers to be socially awkward and physically unfit. The lack of sleep also affects teens’ school performance.

    • I totally agree with your post! It is true that teens are lacking sleep on school nights and pulling them away from their active activities. I get distracted myself and I use my phone more than half of the day, it disturbs my sleeping patterns which causes me to be tired during the day.

    • tybasedgod permalink

      I agree with you, us teens likes to spend a lot of time on the computer or smartphones and we sometimes never realize what time it is. I happen to get distracted easily when I’m on a computer, which really affects my sleep and how I work during school.

    • I agree with your post! Teenagers are lacking of sleep and activities because of technology. This article described how technology affects our social life. For me, I can’t really concentrate of school work because I use my phone, ipod and my computer a lot and I don’t have enough sleep, but I try to balance them both.

    • I agree with you. because you really can’t avoid the technology
      like me I’m really lacking of sleep every night playing Xbox

  4. jonhelynl permalink


    I agree with the article “The Impact of Technology on Youth in Today’s Society” by Corinna Howland because the technology today has greatly affected the lives of the youth. One of the ways that modern-day technology has affected the lives of teens is that teens today have a lack of basic social skills and problem solving skills. This is so because technology allows teens to interact with other people without needing to be physically near that person. The main issue presented in this article is that technology is being overused by today’s youth. Most teens cannot even get through the day without using their phones or the internet. Because of their reliance on technology, teens have a lack of basic social skills and problem solving skills. This article impacts the lives of people in my generation by opening our eyes to the harsh truth about technology. Technology has been a useful tool in our lives but it has negative effects on teens. Today’s youth are lacking in basic social skills, problem solving skills, and exercise. Because of the modern-day technology, teens today are more likely to get sick than the teens that lived before the 21st century.

    • HannahJ

      I agree with your opinion article because teenagers nowadays tend to rely more on technology. The main issue presented in this article is the vast reliance of teenagers on technology in their day to day lives. With this, teens lack social skills and thinking skills which can have an effect on their grades and also their school performance.

    • mariaelizam permalink


      I agree with your opinion on this article. The main issue presented here in this article is how modern technology is slowly taking over our generation. Teenagers nowadays are becoming overly exposed to high technology. Even after using their personal computers, and it’s time to go to bed, they still can’t resist going on their mobile phones for hours before going to sleep. I’m not going to lie, this always happens to me every single night. Technology today also leads teenagers to lack of personal communication and social skills. They lose time to explore and interact with the real world that they become ‘socially awkward’, as they say it. Over reliance on the internet is definitely a hard habit to break, especially in our time. We, however, must also learn how to discipline ourselves.

    • mineskiirvin permalink

      Ric Irvin

      I totally agree with you, This article highlights Most of the teenagers nowadays that really relies heavily on there technology especially cellphones and computers. Some of these teenagers do not do well in class and they usually don’t have a good social skills when it comes to the real world.

  5. mcarungay permalink


    The article “The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child” has showed me that children and teens are getting addicted to electronics. They aren’t eating with their families and going outside, making social interaction hard for the family sometimes. The article shows a chart of how the child can end up with a hard life, for example, the person can get ADHD, mental illness, diabetes, no job, etc. Children should be playing outside and should be connected with nature, not the internet.

    • kylesoso permalink

      I agree with you. I can say that I also got addicted to electronics since when it is time to eat with the family I just stay on the computer for another hour then I finally go and eat by myself. My whole family is also addicted which is very bad.

  6. renzgabi permalink


    I agree with this article:
    Study Shows That How Internet Affects Today’s Youth
    By Michael Harper of – Your Universe Online

    The main issue of this article is that the internet is a good way in accessing information for school research, but some also say that it distracts them from work too. This impacts our generation by letting the youth not be able to finish work due to being distracted like when they are assigned to finish computer work at home, they might get distracted by videos, chat rooms, online games and so on. As a teenager, I have been distracted too. Because the internet has advanced over the years, you can play video games with people online and with your friends. I play video games and I get distracted from chores and homework.

    To see the article, go to:

    • I agree with you because of the generation today some of us students are always focusing in games and not the important studies.

  7. PatrickC

    I agree that Student` addiction` to technology ‘similar to drug cravings’,by Andrew Hough. Its true because if you become addict in technology you cannot stop it just like drugs.
    The main issue presented in this article is that withdrawal symptoms experienced by young people deprived of gadgets and technology is compared to those felt by drug addicts or smokers going “cold turkey”, a study has concluded.
    Researchers found nearly: four in five students had significant mental and physical distress, panic, confusion and extreme isolation when forced to unplug from technology for an entire day.
    They found college students at campuses across the globe admitted being “addicted” to modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops and television as well as social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.
    A “clear majority” of almost 1,000 university students, interviewed at 12 campuses in 10 countries, including Britain, America and China, were unable to voluntarily avoid their gadgets for one full day, they concluded.
    The University of Maryland research described students’ thoughts in vivid detail, in which they admit to cravings, anxiety attacks and depression when forced to abstain from using media.
    One unnamed American college student told of their overwhelming cravings, which they confessed was similar to “itching like a crackhead (crack cocaine addict)”.
    This article impacts the lives of our own generation.

  8. SedonaJ

    I agree with the article “How does music influence young people” by Margot Simsi. Teenagers and adults have different mind sets and music influences their style, personality, and behavior in different ways. I believe that music can either bring someone from a really down mood up to the best mood ever just with the beat and lyrics. Music can have a strong hold over people’s emotions and can portray a positive or negative outlook on someone’s life actions. I think that everyone has a different preference for genres based on what they have been through and what types can help them get through what they need to get through. Certain lyrics can trigger emotions leading to many possible outcomes do to whatever it makes them think about, it all depends on the person and how sensitive they are to the lyrics.

  9. Randahl R.

    I agree with the article, “College students have options save money in technology” by Brandpoint, (BPT) College students can save money and use that money for other important payments. The main issue in this article is about how college students can save money by bringing their own TV and HD indoor antenna to college with them instead of buying another one, they can save money and use that money for other purposes. This article impacts our generation by helping us save money in the future. For example, if we bring our old HDTV with us in college, we wouldn’t have to buy a new one and we can use that to save up for a car, or your own apartment and other things we need.

    • I agree. It’s important for students to save money. Especially on the supplies that are needed for an education. They already pay lot’s for tuition to go to school why do should they have to pay more so they can excel at it.-Sam

  10. NicoleT
    I definitely agree with this article, “Lenhart talks impacts of technology on youth” written by Jorge Bonilla. It was stated that kids look for information that they need on the spot so they use the internet to do so; also at least 70 percent of students use Wikipedia for information and research out of school instead of looking for books and finding the information there. And also people barely uses Facebook but now on twitter which is straight to the point on what other people are doing once you follow them. The main issue on this article is that many students barely use books anymore to find information on facts but instead just rely on Google and other networking sites. And some people especially teachers believe that technology is one of the distractions within students education, for example, instead of studying for quizzes or reviewing for their course, they just go on social networking sites and create a conversation with people. This article impacts the lives of teenagers and also the people in my generation because the fact that people use their phones or computer to search for facts for their school work on the internet rather than go look for information on books or find information for themselves. Also because of technology and electronic devices people especially students mostly spend their time on their devices rather than using most of their time on books or out of their devices to explore more. And because of this, students are having a hard time focusing on their studies and have more focus on their phones or computers talking to people instead of talking to them face to face.

  11. PatriciaR
    I agree with the news article entitled, “Half of Teenagers Sleep Deprived, Say Experts” by Eleanor Bradford. Technology is one of the main reasons that my generation of young people today are being sleep deprived. As a result of lack of sleep, the majority of our youth are not nearly as concentrated to the work in school as they should be. In conclusion, although this particular article is right about the need for sleep of the youth, I do not think it will really change the way teens choose to spend their free time. Regardless, I hope it gets better so that teenagers will learn more in school with proper concentration.
    The main issue presented in this article is the lack of sleep for this generation’s young people and the main cause of it being the amount of time teens use on technology. The article also focuses on how sleep deprivation is mainly the cause of why teenagers are falling asleep during classes. It is because they are too tired to work efficiently due to the fact that they spend too much of their time on the Internet.
    This article impacts the lives of the youth today because they are being deprived of sleep, causing them to fail in school. The amount of time teenagers use on technology at home, at school or anywhere else has its negative and positive points, but I veer toward it mostly having negative points because it has affected students’ learning and not in a good way either. Of course it also has its positive points, it being the internet providing young people with easy and quick information for school projects. I speak from my own experiences as a teen that I usually spend the majority of my day on my iPod using social networking websites and others, so I also lack in the sleep department. Over the years though, I have learned how to balance my time properly with school work and technology. Technology can be both good and bad for young people, so they just need to learn how to balance their time with it because sleep is a very important need for our adolescent bodies in order for them to get all the energy they need for the day.

    • I agree with your post, I sometimes sleep a little later than my bedtime because of my phone and how i keep on getting notifications when people text back to me. And sometimes I get tired during school so I can barely concentrate even though i want to. But I also try to sleep for at least 8 hours so my sleeping schedule isn’t that messed up and I wouldn’t be sleepy that i can’t keep my eyes open.

    • reginec permalink

      I absolutely agree with your opinion. The main issue is how most teenagers would often choose to spend more time on the internet than get more sleep. This leads them to having an irregular sleeping pattern, and that, perhaps can be the start of sleep deprivation. Most students who are suffering from sleep deprivation are most likely the ones who fall asleep and fail in class. For a teenager that doesn’t get enough sleep, like me, I often find myself get easily distracted in class, I can barely focus due to how sleepy I am. I know that this can affect my marks. Therefore, I try to fix my sleeping pattern before school starts in order to be able to listen and participate perfectly in class.

    • I agree with your post, during summer vacation I spent most of my time playing video games and on the internet, which causes me to sleep very late and because I lack sleep I always end up feeling very tired and not being able to do anything. Since school started my sleeping schedule has been messed up because I’m used to sleeping late and now I’m trying to sleep earlier so I can concentrate at school and pay attention to what the teacher is saying. I also agree to what you said about technology having positive points, it providing quick information for example; since I started high school most of the projects have been about research stuff and internet have been helping me since then.

  12. jonaso2013 permalink


    I agree with the article “sleep deprived advised to turn off the technology” written by the
    Staff of CTV News because of how much I can easily relate to it. For the most part of my life,
    the amount of hours I spend sleeping is 7 hours, which is about 2 hours away from the sleep
    hours that us teens need, recommended by experts.
    The main issue of this article is that modern technology are depriving the sleep from North
    Americans of this generation and also how sleep deprivation can affect us. They are not
    getting the proper amount of hours in which is recommended for sleeping. It affects the lives
    of our generation in numerous ways. Survey results show that sleep deprivation can affect our mood by 85%, our social life by 68% and our work by 74%. These 3 categories affected by sleep
    deprivation have a great impact in the daily life of a teenager. Our social skills would definitely hurt us when communicating to someone, like our boss at work or for a presentation at school, if we allow it to be affected negatively by technology.

    • mjmrojas permalink

      I definitely agree with you. As teenagers, we all got lots of responsibilities because once we growup we should learn on doing things all on our selves. Technology is another thing. Most people use technology as an entertainment “a waste of time” so they end up sleeping late at the night. a good example is me because i am an allnighter which means i usually sleep past bedtime. i recorded an average week of my daily basis and i saw that i usually sleep about 5-6 hours a day. And that time usually lessens especially school days so sometimes i end up to school being tardy which is a bad thing.

  13. kylesoso permalink


    I agree with this article “Sleepiness from round-the-clock texting hurting teens, doctor says.” Author was not mentioned. Teens would text until past their bed time ruining their sleeping schedule. The main issue in this article is that teens are texting way too much that it is keeping them awake at night and really exhausted at times when they need to be awake and focused. This article impacts the lives of our generation because teens in class would be sleeping instead of learning anything. This really cripples the education the teens are supposed to get. There are reasons to why teens are staying up instead of sleeping when they need to. For example, when teenagers are talking to somebody they like they would stay up and talk to them instead and another reason is that the notification sounds are just bothering them. Teenagers can just put their phone on silent and tell the person they’re talking to that they need to sleep and that might solve their problems.

  14. MichelleM
    I agree on this article “Growing up digital, wired for distraction “written by Matt Ritchell. It is very true that technology disturbs teen studying habits and their skill work off of the internet.
    The most main part of this article is that teens should be more focused on books rather than surfing the internet. The more they focus on the internet the lower their grades go and the more they struggle in their education years, such as handing in work way past the due date, not getting enough sleep, getting easily distracted with gadgets (phones, computers, tablets) ,and the lack of wanting to do their school work. Teachers and parents are also thinking about using technology for the students learning skills so that students can become more attached in learning.
    This article impacts the life of my generation because it shows how much teens are more interested in surfing the internet rather than doing their school work. The more that the internet interacts with my generation the more they lack of doing their school work by hand, such as instead of reading a book they can all go on sparknotes instead or watch the graphical version, or they may not end up doing it because they are too distracted watching videos online or playing video games. Some of the teens in my generation would rather do their school work online, instead of hand writing everything of their knowledge. “The worry is we’re raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are going to be wired differently.”

  15. dimashul permalink

    Dmytro S.

    I disagree with this article “iPads for Winnipeg students” by Angela Mulholland. iPads are being used in many Winnipeg schools, starting from grade six and greater. Technology is a reason that many students are basing education on reliance of electronics. It could pose as a threat to social skills, problem solving, and concentration. This type of new learning is said to act as a positive or a negative influence, and how teachers are advocating technology for a newer direction towards education.

    The main issue in the article is said to be how children of newer generations will not be taught through a natural classroom atmosphere with a teacher teaching the subject. Children will still need to have basic skills such as writing, reading and math. Lastly, another issue is the quantity of iPads bought by the school divisions and how much money is lost instead of giving a student a natural education.

    This article shows how it can impact the lives of my generation because it can ruin the education a student is supposed to get. Instead, it is replaced by an electronic and is shown to act as a substitute. For example, if students rely more on iPads and other electronics, they can start to believe that this can act as a proper way to study. However, this could decrease a student’s school performance through reliance. I believe that people will begin to feel the negative effects of prolonged electronic education, if not today.

  16. jorwen permalink

    Jorwen D.
    I agree with the article “Technology addiction disrupts teenagers learning” by: Bill Goodwin. This is because kids now are forgetting about all their school works.
    The main issue of the article is that technology is affecting the learning of the students, their spelling skills and social skills.
    This impacts the life of teen’s communication skills because people now are using their gadgets to talk to their friends instead of talking to them in person. This also impacts their homework’s because instead of teens doing school works they play on their video games or texting and instead they are copying information’s from the internet and using it as their own homework.

    • whatdoiputinhere permalink

      I totally agree because most students nowadays instead of starting their home works after school, they go straight to a computer or their gaming consoles and either play games or go on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and spend a large amount of time on them. This makes them unable to complete their work or rush through them. Technology addiction also disrupts students from learning in the classrooms because students who use mobile devices during their classes instead of paying attention to the teacher will most likely miss important information and instructions.

  17. DonJeremyR

    I agree with this blog “Impacts of Media Technology on teenagers” by Danielle,Fanny and Khalid. We can never say if the technology is good or bad for us. Because as you see these days we are seeing my fellow teenagers playing online games,texting,chatting,researching and many more, it was like the part of their daily lives and you cant take it away from them. In that case some people specially parents see it as a bad habit for us,but for most of the people in the world they might say that it was good to have the technology because it is helping them/us to make things easier including our school works. Some of the countries were using high technology gadgets like :laptop,Ipad,Computers and etc. with those kind of stuffs it will make the teaching process of the teachers to be easier same as the students. and that’s one of the reasons why technology is good for us.

    Now I will give an example for the bad effect of media technology. First of all i want to start by asking you,did you know that most of the old model media technology such as cellphones are not yet disposed and some are not been disposed properly? telling you this might give you a thought why is it bad for us. Now if those pile of plastics and metals are stocked in our world and some are not disposed properly it might affect our health and our surroundings,Not just the surroundings but the future generations too. Just imagine your sons and daughters or maybe your grand children too will experience an unhealthy environment and a bunch of people who are always depending on the technology. So for my own opinion in this blog,technology will be a good thing if you just use it properly and if you have discipline on using it.

    • mjmrojas permalink

      i agree with you my friend. Technology made our lives easier. It made mails much more easier to send. It made people connect from far distances. it also made gaming less work. On the other hand, technology made people lazier. I mean most people would rather use a gps rather than asking a local residence nearby, or maybe just go shopping online rather than go to the mall, or maybe go online to check the news rather than reading it in the newspaper. My main point in all of this is that technology changed the lives of all people on doing their work. Technology maybe a good thing to use but dont overdo it because it might turn to you.

  18. whatdoiputinhere permalink

    I agree to the article “Technology is Destroying the Quality of Human Interactions” by Melissa Nilles, because of past experience with one of my friends , he would rather chat over the computer than hang out with me in person. Chatting, texting and talking over the phone, I think is destroying how we should interact with each other because there is no physical contact and I think face to face interaction with a person creates stronger bonds with another person. Another thing that also bothers me is also why people would have a 1, 000 friends on their social media account, but only has 10-20 real friends that they can trust and talks to on a daily basis, I don’t really understand it. I think people should think over who they really think they can call a friend.
    The main issue presented in this article is about how the use of technology has had negative effects on our daily lives by destroying face to face human social interactions with technology such as cellphones, social sites etc. The article also presents why people shouldn’t have 1000+ friends on the social site accounts and how technology is affecting them of making friends which they share a bond with and whom they can trust and ask help in their time of need.
    This articles impacts the lives of our generations by showing us the fact that people having less face to face interaction with each other which can lead to bad social skills and talking skills. This will impact them as they grow older, where they need this skills in a certain situations such as obtaining a job through a job interview. I also think it impacts how our generations make friends because nowadays people are more focused on the quantity of their friends rather than quality.

  19. ZacharyH

    I agree with the article, “The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child” by Chris Rowan, the main issue of the article is how technology affects a developing child. I agree with this article, I have a cousin who is only 3 years of age and whenever I see him, he’s always holding a gadget. I think this is a concern because he’s only a kid and looking at a computer screen for a long period of time can the damage your eyes. I got glasses when I was in grade 5 because of spending too much time on the computer. Children nowadays don’t participate much in outdoor activities; most of them spend their time in front of a computer screen. I am one of those people who rarely go outside, unless I have school or I have to go somewhere important. I regretted staying inside doing nothing important, now I’m trying to spend more time outside. I think it’s important for children to spend time outside and play with people their age.
    The main concern is children nowadays are less active because instead of playing outside, they spend time playing with their gadgets; most kids today have their own laptop, phone or tablet and are stuck inside their house. Kids before didn’t have a lot of technology to play with, they play outside and interact with other kids their age. Kids nowadays also don’t interact with kids their age that much or when they do, they use their phone to do it. A good thing about technology is it helps us a lot. Technology in my opinion has both negative and positive aspects.

    • dimashul permalink

      I agree with your opinion. The article “The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child” talks about how the main issue is not only how electronics affects children but as well how it can create long term problems not only for children but adults as well. The issue is shown to be that electronics create an addiction that is difficult to get rid of, that get people stuck and begin to only interact with the gadget. I have a personal experience because of video games and computers in general, being that I spend quite a bit of time as well on them.

  20. WeslieN

    I do agree with the article, “Study Shows How Internet Use Affects Today’s Youth” by Michael Harper . Kids are wasting time on their technology and it’s really unhealthy for them. When it comes to research, kids are using the internet for their research instead of books. The main issue presented in this article is that teachers are discussing research habits of today´s youth, that they are distracted , and how this is wasting their time on other things instead of school related things. Children are wasting their time on technology for games and also teen uses technology for games and social media. This article impacts the lives in my generation because many teens are getting distracted like games and social media. Technology is a good and a bad thing; they just have to know that they have to have time for it. Kids are using internet in a positive way when it comes to research, when looking for an answer, a behavior which might cause students to give up when they don´t find their answers straight away. They shouldn’t use their phone or other devices too much.

    • cassiec24 permalink

      I agree. The main issue in this article is how teachers feel about teens spending their time on the internet. They say that we can get distracted easily when we go on the internet and I know that this is true, for me at least. When I do research for school, I always search something that has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to search. Most of the time I have to force myself to stay on task.

  21. tybasedgod permalink

    I agree to the article “Technology is ruining society” by Nicole Pinto Bolt because everyone now seems to be glued to technology that it’s creating a barrier between the user and the outside world. The main issue in this article is about how evolving technology is affecting society today. Technology today is constantly evolving and has become a daily necessity, trapping users in the virtual world and limiting physical human interactions or communication, destroying opportunities and social skills. This article impacts my generation because teens seem to be more active on the internet rather than being active in society. Constant internet activity can create addictions which could affect their lives by interfering with daily task/work or personal goals the individual had.

    • mjmrojas permalink

      I agree with you DanielC. I agree with because technology keeps us away from personal goals/ daily tasks that we do everyday like me, i mean whenever my mom gives me a direction to do something while i am playing down the basement i usually respond by “just a few minutes more”.

    • I agree with you. Because of the improving technology there might be a chance to us to always depend to technology. so i think its better to have limits and discipline.


  22. mariaelizam permalink


    I agree with this article – Attached to Technology and Paying a Price by Matt Richtel. Some may not notice it, but technology today is truly reshaping and reconstructing people’s personalities, especially our youth’s. Although it is obvious how much modern technology can help us in our daily lives, it still has its downsides.
    The main issue presented in this article is internet addiction, how it affects people’s lives, and how difficult it is today to disengage ourselves from technology. Our over-reliance on the internet is slowly leading to our lack of social skills, personal communication, focus, and even lack of self-thinking. We overuse technology that it is becoming more and more intricate to detach ourselves from it.
    This article impacts the lives of people in my generation by giving us a pre-warning about how precarious our technology today is. It gives us a chance to learn how to discipline ourselves in terms of technology usage. Teenagers these days become too attached to their smartphones, laptops, and other techy devices that they lose time to go out and actually spend some time with real people in the real world. Instead of actually talking to other people in person, we usually just use instant messaging, texts, and chats to interact with them. Some are sleep deprived because they are on the internet – playing games; chatting; going on social networking sites, etc. – for more than 12 hours a day. Consequently, these teenagers lose focus in school, resulting to their poor school performance, low grades or failed courses. Sure, our high-speed technology today is really useful for almost everyone, but being overly exposed to it can also be our biggest problem.

  23. mjmrojas permalink


    I acknowledge the article,” Why TV Could Be Better for Kids than iPads” by Becky Worley. I agree with this because computer games are a very addicting lifestyle once you get it in your life. The main issue with this article is that children should have less time with technology are more time on doing other physical activities. Ipads is one example of technology which portrays this. Children, when comes in gaming, doesn’t stop until the game is finished because kids are very curious people and will not give up until they reach the end. Ipads games are not the only games which will take a long time to reach the end. There are also PC, Playstation, Xbox, wii, etc. It impacts the lives of a teenager because technology keeps us away from other stuff which we could’ve done neither than this.

  24. jorwen permalink

    I agree with the article “Technology is ruining society” because now people are getting addicted on their technology at home that they cant stop using it and go out and exercise or socialize.
    The main issue is that people are addicted to their technology that they cant stop using it anywhere. Which they forget to socialize, do homework’s, tend to use internet to plagiarize work, getting lower grades at school and not being active.

  25. cassiec24 permalink


    I agree with this article called “How Technology Affects Us” by mads942, because I can relate to what the author is saying. A good portion of my “teen” life so far has been taken up by me spending too much time on the internet. The main issue in this article is how technology affects our society in a negative way and how it takes us away from the real world. This impacts our generation by us being too focused on the internet and not focusing on what is actually going on around us, like people such as our family and friends. Basically, technology takes us away from communicating and interacting with people. It also takes us away from experiencing new things; instead we choose to watch someone do something amazing through the internet.

  26. SandraD.

    I definitely agree with this article “Infographic: Cyber Bullying, Virtual Cheating Rampant Among Teens” written by Stephanie Mlot. He presented the good and bad effects of the use of technology. In this cyberworld, lots of things are happening and affecting the lives of teenagers nowadays, anybody could be anyone that they wanted to become. They can also use in good terms or in some case of bullying. They could be mean to others and they can hide their identity. That is why, this has becoming so rampant just some people really wanted to bully others. Same with virtual cheating, students easily get answers to tests through internet, it has a negative effect to the students who do this, they are not learning the good way but instead they are making themselves lazy and dependent on internet.

    The main issue here is the effect of cyber bullying and virtual cheating among teenagers nowadays, and the author wanted to stressed out the role of the parents towards this problem. The author know for a fact that teenagers will always try to mak e a way to break the barriers presented by the parents and so the parents and children needs to build an open line communitcation to battle the problem of cybullying and virtual cheating. Explanation and guidance should be encouraged by the parents.

    Cyberbullying and virtual cheating has a great impact in our generation today. There are lots of teenagers who experienced cyber bullying develop fear to face the real world since they do not know who are the ones who are bullying them. Fear that it could be somebody close to them or might be one of their friends. Sad to say, this is also one opf the reasons of the suicides cases towards the teenagers nowadays.

    With regards to virtual cheating, students tends to take advantage of the use of technology. Sometimes they use it cheat in their ecaminations, because it is so easy to get the answers, just with one click, it will give you the answers to everything you want.

    The impact of technology is really strong in our generation, it seems that life would be boring without it, but I know that we also need to realize the importance of hard work and learning through experience, as well as having fun and exploring the world of the new technology. We should also know our limits and be watchful of the effects it could bring into our lives.,2817,2422619,00.asp

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