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RenzG_Summative Post

by on January 16, 2014
  1. SNICKERS – “Coach”
  2. This film was made at a football stadium
  3. Clipboard, SNICKERS Bar, Pom Poms
  4. Cuts
  5. Light shines off camera
  6. The text was used at the end of the commercial
  7. Extreme Wide Shot, Wide Shot, Over The Shoulder, Mid Shot, Close Up, Two Shot, Medium Close Up,
  8. They were used properly
  9. They said that that Snickers helps you when you are hungry and it satisfies you
  10. None
One Comment
  1. renzg permalink

    Proposal for Ad Parody
    The ad I’m going to spoof is called “Very Funny Pepsi Commercial”. I’m going to change the temple setting to Sisler High School. Instead of the kid walking up the steps, the student will be walking to school. The training will be changed into a student studying. At the final test, he will drink a Minute Maid and the student will be look very serious when doing the tests. When he finishes, he will pass and get a A+, when he sees that he gets an A+, he will yell “Yea!” and he smashes his head on the A+, when he looks up, he will have a A+ on his forehead.

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