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by on January 15, 2014


1. New Coca Cola Commercial ( )

2. I think this film was created by gathering all awesome and nice videos around the world and
putting it altogether.

3. They didn`t used any props on this because it is captured by webcams.

4. There`s also no transition in this, because they just put it in order.

5. I think they make it more slower, for the viewers to see it clearly.

6. Text was used based on what`s happening in the video.

7. There`s POV, Close Up Shot, Extreme Wide Shot, Wide Shot, and Birds Eye Angle.

8. They were so effective because it makes it more attracting.

9. Audio was used so nice because they also based it on what`s happening in the video, and you can also learn on what`s happening on the video because of the shots and angles that they used.

10. No, because it is all videos.

Doritos Goat Commercial

IMG_1963[1] IMG_1964[1]

Ad proposal:

Im gonna edit it in the same video but it have different background and different models. And also im gonna make it more funny then put some extra videos .


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