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by on January 14, 2014
  1. Dove Oil Treatment Hair Commercial (
  2. This film was created inside a house; the person is showing how smooth her hair is while having fun.
  3. The props used in the video were a sofa, a watering can, flowers dove oil replacement and a reflective window.
  4. There weren’t a lot of transitions used in the ad.
  5. The effects used were slow motion and fast motion.
  6. The texts were used to show the effects of the product after being used.
  7. There were a lot of camera shots and angles such as rule of thirds, close up and high angle.
  8. They were effective because it changes every scene and shows what happens to the hair.
  9. The audio has a person talking describing the effects of the product and the music compliments how smooth the hair of the person is.
  10. The still image is only a second long and it is showcasing the appearance of the product.
One Comment
  1. I will be doing a parody of Dove Oil Treatment Hair Commercial. In my parody, the model will still be a girl but she will be acting as Sadako Yamamura /Samara Morgan. It will be Sadako with really smooth hair and she will be waving her hair like you see in those hair commercials. Instead of the girl coming out of the door, Sadako will be coming out of the bathroom. Also, instead of using the Dove Oil Treatment Hair, I will be using cooking oil.

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