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SamB_Summative Post

by on January 14, 2014

1: (Trident Layers: Can I pay you in gum)

2: The commercial was filmed on a set in a tv studio.

3: The Props in this Ad were : Gum.

4: Most transitions were straight cutoffs with some changing by zoom.

5: Most of the effects were very fast zoom in’s and the animated gum at the end.

6: The text was used to attract the viewers.

7: In the commercial they used close ups and mid shots and very few wide shot’s.

8: They were used effectively because all the shots looked good and made sense.

9: The audio was used little and did not reinforce the message.

10: No still images were used.

One Comment
  1. My Parody will be the same concept of someone trying to pay with gum. They will ask to pay with gum then look up and see the man staring at him. He will ask again and the man will start yelling at him about the lack off pay and ask him if he is serious. After a short period of no talk he the man will ask him “So do we have a deal?”. The man will then say yeah sure and the video will cut to credits.

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