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by on January 14, 2014

1.) 5 Gum React commercial

2.) This commercial was made in a studio with green screen effects to add the stuff that was coming out above the testers

3.) Chairs was only used

4.) Straight cut was always used.

5.)  Green screen effects for the effects happening above them

6.) No text was used except for the intro of 5 Gum where the titles was having static effects.

7.) Wide Shot, Eagle eye shot, mid shot, low angle, 2 shot, close up and extreme wide shot\

8.) It showed in many ways how the testers were reacting to the object.

9.) The audio was just used to make the video more dramatic

10.) I dont think there was any still image used, unless the intro and the ending would count as still image.

One Comment
  1. My ad parody will be about 5 gum react, to put my own twist to it instead of just tester sitting on a chair seeing weird stuff mine will be how 5 Gum react affects you. Instead of 3 people being tested mine would only have 2 and one of them would be eating 5 gum and he will have a weird feeling and then a song would play on the background as he chews the gum and then he says “Whos playing that music?” then the other guy looks at him in a weird way.

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