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by on January 14, 2014


1.) A music video called, “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” by Florence and the Machine

2.) This film was created in a setting where a field of grass would be. There are different ways that shots and angles were used in this film, as well as a variety of cast and choreography.

3.) It showcased many props. Props including: blankets, books, picnic table, a harp, flowers, various kinds of foods, silverware, chairs, a huge life sized-box, and candles.

4.) Some of the transitions that were used were film dissolve, cross dissolve and fade in to black.

5.) An effect that was used in the music video is the editors enhancing sunlight in all of the scenes.

6.) No texts were used in the video.

7.) A few camera shots and angles that were used include: extreme close-up, close-up, extreme wide-shot, wide shot, point-of-view, mid-shot, high angle and low angle.

8.) They were used very effectively since the whole video looked well executed.

9.) The audio was made to be very noticeable in the video since it reinforced the message well.

10.) No still images were used in the music video.

Step 3: Proposal for Ad parody

I would like to do a spoof of the Snickers Bar advertisement. My version however, will have a “Sisler Twist” inflicted upon it. The main character, instead of being frustrated on the football field, will instead be aggravated over homework. The subject will be so irritated that she will not be acting like herself but will act like a bratty, spoiled, teenage girl. When her friend offers her the chocolate bar (which will be called “Nifty Bar”), she will take a bite and will completely transform back to her normal self.

Step 4: Storyboarding 





Step 6: Poster


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