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by on January 14, 2014

1. Coca-Cola Argentina commercial – Life as Parents (
2. This commercial was created in some parts of the house. They must’ve shot a lot of different scenes in different parts of the house.
3. The props that were used to make this commercial are: coca-cola bottle (which is the product being advertised), pregnancy strip test, a married couple and a baby, and objects you would find around the house.
4. The transition that was used in this whole commercial is straight cut.
5. The effects on this commercial are the amount of light they put in the background, especially because of the sun, and they added more contrast to the scenes.
6. The only text that was used in the commercial was in the end which says the product “Coca-Cola life” and under that is a phrase in spanish, which in english is “uncovers your nature”.
7. The camera shots and angles are: wide shot, mid shot, close up, and extreme wide shot.
8. The different shots and angles were effective because we got to actually see how they react and feel to every thing that happens to them.
9. The audio/song that was used in this commercial really fitted in, because the song seems to be a happy, calm, can be sad song (mixed emotion). And in the commercial there’s some scenes where their happy or sad but the music still helps us understand what they’re actually feeling.
10. There wasn’t any still images used in the commercial.

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