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by on January 14, 2014
  1. Berlitz Coast Guard
  2. This commercial was filmed in a room made to look like the inside a coast guard station
  3. The props were use were a microphone , radio and a desk
  4. The commercial just switched to the next shot.
  5. There was no effects used
  6. The text was used to deliver the message of the video
  7. Two shots,Wide shots and medium close up
  8. It was very effective because the commercial flow nicely and it focused only on the main subjects
  9. They chose the song Ode to joy at the end because the actor was supposed to be German and they used that to reinforce message and the video
  10. There wasn’t any still images on the commercials.
One Comment
  1. whatdoiputinhere permalink

    The commercial that Im going to do a parody on is Berlitz’s German Coast Guard. In my parody most of the things will pretty much the like the dialouge and acting but the location will be different. Instead of being in a coast guard station it will be on a computer lab. Also instead of saying “This is German Coast Guard” he will be saying “This is the Sisler Coast Guard”.

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