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by on January 14, 2014


1) 2013 Milk mustache “Got Milk?” Super Bowl Ad with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

2) This commercial was created by using different parts of a city, and having Dwayne Johnson & the youth help promote the “got Milk” campaign. This commercial uses varieties of shots and angles, and music that fits very well with the scenes.

3)In this commercial they used different kinds of props such as kitchen utensils, props (food) for the fridge, Milk carton, bags, Cars,trucks, animals, digital aliens and Ufo’s, etc..

4) The transitions used in this commercial was straight cuts.

5) The effects used in this commercial was contrast and using a bit of lighting.

6) Text was used near the end of the commercial having the words “Protein to start your day.”, ” Got Milk?”, and the website link across the commercial screen. The text was a white color and it didn’t take much attention from the background, it equaled out the attention of the background and text. The text wasn’t very fancy, it was just a basic text.

7)In the commercial they used Mid shot, wide shot, close up, over the shoulder , two shot, reverse over the shoulder, and extreme wide shot.

8) They were effective because it made the commercial flow very nicely and not messy since there was lots of things happen in the commercial.

9) There was audio used  mostly through the whole commercial (starts at 0:09) The commercial had the song ” hold on, I’m coming” by the Styletones ( originally sung by Sam & Dave) . The audio fit the commercial because the main story of the commercial was that the kids depended on Dwayne to get their milk when he opened the fridge and found out there was no more milk, which had him running through the city to chase after the milk truck just to get the carton of milk. The song was also about depending on someone that can always be there for you when you need help, which links the commercial story, and the audio together.

10) There was no still images used in this commercial.

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