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by on January 14, 2014



2.) This film was created by filming a bunch of kids having their breakfast

3.) The props that was used was just kids waking up in the morning

4.) The transitions in the video was mostly about the kids and nutella

5.)There was no effects used, all of the clips are real.

6.)The text that was used was to reflect the need for children on having the energy for the day

7.)The camera shots that was used were close-up, wide shot, medium close-up

8.) The video was very effective because it was funny and it was true.

9.) The audio was just normal

10.)There was a still image showing the product and it shows what it is supposed to do


in my video, i will use my little bro as the kid who wakes up early in the morning. i might also change some video angles. i will also take a still image of the product and make some text to provide some details about the product. i will also take a video of my brother doing his homework and other sorts of stuff.

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