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by on January 14, 2014

1. ( Kraft Dinner Commercial: “Distraction Noodle”)

2.  This commercial was filmed either in a house, or in a studio made to look like a house.

3.  The props used in this commercial were a bowl, Kraft Dinner Noodles, a dinner table, chairs, forks, and a fake kraft dinner noodle.

4. The transitions in this commercial were all straight cut offs.

5. An effect that was used in the commercial was changing the motion fast/slow

6. The text was used to attract attention by popping out.

7. Shots/Angles used in the commercial were Mid shot, and two shot.

8. It was effective because it did its job by showing two people were having a conversation or interacting with each other.

9. The audio was used to reinforce the message of the video by keeping it energetic, and happy.

10. There was no still images used.


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