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by on January 14, 2014

The film was created outside or at china.

The props that was used was backpack, woods, Pepsi can.

No transition was used

The effect that was used is dissolve

The text was used to attract the viewer’s attention.

The camera shots and angles were wide shot, high angle, low angle, close up shot.

The shots and angles were used frequently

The audio was used to make the video more intense.

Yes, they used still images this was used when they were showing the people at the dojo.IMG_3739[1]IMG_3741[1]jorwend_summativeposter

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  1. jorwen permalink

    For my ad parody it will be Pepsi, what i will change to this is instead of a kid going in the dojo it will be the kid going in to the school. I will also change the part where he does martial arts to learning to read at school. Then when he finish learning he drinks a Pepsi and everyone starts to look at him and cheers.

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