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by on January 14, 2014

1.           –         The Man Your Man Could Smell Like | Old Spice

2. I think that they created this ad by first, shooting the entire commercial in a beach. Afterwards, they build the front half of a boat at the shoreline of the beach, as seen in the commercial. Then on the boat, they made a bathroom set on that boat. I think they got the bathroom set lifted up by a crane. Maybe someone was above him and then dropped the shirt right on him. The diamonds in my opinion were there placed by CGI and the same goes for how the old spice bottle rises from inside his hand.
The way I think he got to the horse was by maybe creating some sort of device that silently transported him on to the horse, but we barely notice it because we can’t really see the sky/ocean in the background, moving.

3. The props that they used were a bathroom and boat set, a horse, the shirt that fell on top of him, the old spice bottom and also the beach, which is used as their setting.

4. Transitions were made when possibly a crane, lifted up the bathroom stall which showed the ocean background, gave us the clue that he’s actually outside and gave him the cue to continue walking. The way he transitioned on to the horse was by getting a close up shot at the main character so that the audience wouldn’t get a clear view of how he got on the horse, but my guess is that a device silently transported him to the horse. I think that’s how he got transported to the horse because if we look closely, we will notice the sky moving towards the left.

5. Effects used in this commercial was CGI during the scene of the diamonds magically appearing on his hand, then slipping right off. Also the effect of how the bathroom stall was lifted up could have been lifted up by a crane and maybe someone standing above the main character, dropped the shirt and it fell right into place.

6. Text was used to describe what a woman’s man could smell like. The main character is telling the audience that anything is possible when you have the scent of Old Spice and showing examples (like when the tickets magically turned into diamonds).

7. The Camera shots was at first a wide shot with subject standing right in the middle (Bull’s eye). There are many close up shots and establishing shots shot from an eye level angle.

8. They were effectively used to hide transitions such as the main character transitioning on to the horse. Also, the wide shot not being big enough to show side walls of the bathroom, which would’ve shown the audience that the bathroom was actually a set. The establishing shot was used to show the audience the quick change in evironment.

9.At first, the sound that the shower was projecting gave us the hint that he was in a bathroom, but he actually was not. Then the beach sounds (like the birds, wind, ocean and boat horn) indicated that he was in a beach and no longer in a “bathroom”. The end music might’ve been their signature theme song, where as if we hear it, we would know exactly what product it is so it effectively helped us know what product it was by recognizing that little music.

10. No still images were used. The entire shot was taken with 1 take.



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    The advertising that I will be parodying will be the advertisement of the Carlton Draught – Beer Chase. The way that I’ll spoof it is by, first of all, completely changing the product from a beer drink to something school appropriate. Instead of being chased by police men across the city, I will make the person holding the product being chased at school by a bunch of other students. The product could instead be a drink that helps the brain focus when studying and so the students will chase that person for the drink because they want it too. Instead of receiving the drink from a bartender, it could be the last drink in the vending machine at school. Also, instead of going through obstacles like policemen and hills across the city, I could show obstacles that we would normally find at school such as teachers, tables, chairs and stairs. Then at the end, when the jealous students chasing me finally can’t reach me, I will be with other students with celebrating the fact that we will do well on our exams.

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