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by on January 14, 2014
  2. The film was created in a studio with good lighting
  3. The props that were used are a transparent chair, a guitar, and a mascara.
  4. The transition(s) used in this ad were just straight cut offs
  5. Purple filter, speeding
  6. The text was being curved
  7. The camera shots that was used were bird’s eye, wide shot, and close-up
  8. It indicates what the mascara is all about because it shows how it lengthens the lashes
  9. The music playing in the background is very upbeat creating a fashionable atmosphere. Also, there is voice over on top of the music.
  10.  Still images of the mascara were used to do a stop motion effect.

Step 3: Proposal/Summary

I will recreate the advertisement, “Maybelline Big Eyes” and turn it into “Big Eyes”. Every time when they eyes are shown on screen, the eyes of my model will turn big, hence the name “Big Eyes.” I will change the ad by making the model’s eyes really big when the mascara is applied, creating a comedic effect for the audience. I will film in a room with good lighting.

Step 4: storyboard



step 6: poster


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