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by on January 14, 2014

1.”The Skittles Touch” – Best Skittles Commercial Ever!!

2.This film is created by pausing the scene and changing the things that turns into skittles. i dont really know how they do that.

3.The props are the stapler, the telephone, and the computer desk.

4.The video just switches to the next shot

5.No other effects but the turning of things into skittles

6.The text at the last part look’s like candy just like the skittles.

7.Wide Shot,Medium Close-up, and Close up

8.It’s simple so It is ok.

9.The audio helps the video to be more funny and to deliver the message the video contains.

10.The only still image I saw in the video is in the end part, a pack of skittles.




Step 4:

DonjeremyR_summativestoryboard (1) DonjeremyR_summativestoryboard (2) DonjeremyR_summativestoryboard (3)

One Comment
  1. (Proposal for Ad parody)
    title:Oreo Commercial Father & Son Romania

    -I will make my video parody the same as the video but I will add a little bit of comedy in it. I will start by changing the “father and son” to “brothers”. This I will make the story like a typical brothers that are arguing and sometimes fighting, For my end part I will grab him because he tricked me and ate all the oreo. After that the the camera will fade or if it doesn’t work I will just put the ict logo in the end.

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