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by on January 14, 2014
  1. commercial 
  2. I thinks they created this ad by shooting it in a studio
  3. a few staircases, a love seat, a mirror
  4. the transitions in this ad were all straight cuts
  5. there doesn’t seem to be any effects in the ad
  6. the text was used in the beginning to just name the brand and the celebrity, it was used in the cutaways where they show the product, and it was used in the end to name the brand again. The colour of all the texts made them stand out and the text was just a basic text.
  7. close-ups, high angles, eye level, wide shot, medium close-up, mid shot, extreme wide shot
  8. it was effective because the it gave the ad a nice flow
  9. the music just gave it a slightly more dramatic effect
  10. still images were not used
One Comment
  1. cassiec24 permalink

    For my ad parody I will be making a spoof of the ‘Prove Wong’ Febreze ad. The people who are trying to convince the skeptic that the product works, will have the same intentions, but the skeptic actually doesn’t know what’s going on. They’ll ask her a couple questions and say that they want to show her the product works, she’ll just be confused about everything but eventually she’ll see if it does work. In the end it doesn’t and the girl says “I still smell the odor”, then things get awkward.

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