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AyannaB_Summative Post

by on January 14, 2014
  1. Commercial
  2. I think it was created by using footage from a nature show and editing.
  3. There weren’t really any props in it, but they used a green screen.
  4. The transitions are just straight cut.
  5. The guy was cropped into the video and there was slow/fast motion.
  6. Text was a few seconds before the end, showing the brand name and what the shoe is designed for.
  7. Mid-Shots, EWS, Wide Shot, Close Up, OSS, MCU, Wide Shot, Two Shot.
  8. It was effective because it was showing that the shoes are lighter and can be faster.
  9. The audio had someone talking over describing what is going on and kind of like jungle music.
  10. There was still images, when they were showing the text with the shoes.
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