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by on January 14, 2014

Step 2 (Research) 1% of Final Grade

1. Adidas adizero Tempo 5 running shoes 30 sec TV Commercial 2012

2. The commercial was created by types of scenes, this sales lady talks and shows to the people(costumers) about the shoes and in a setting where they are at a shoe store. They interview her about the shoes and making sure they get the right shoe(sizes, fit, how you run, etc). Some graphics made on the computer about the shoes, like there features.

3. They used shoes, pen, foot measurement, model(people).

4. The transitions they used were crossfade and cut.

5. I don’t think there was any effect.

6. Like they use a text post, they used some on the video to show the features of the shoes.

7. Mostly eye level video and medium close up for the interview part.

8. Are used pretty much effectively since it’s showing the interview well and the scopes of how the sales lady entertains the customers.

9. The audio was upbeat to get the audience’s attention and it’s the kind of music that’s usually used in workouts(emphasizing the sports shoes).

10. Still Images were used, it was to show what product they’re endorsing and the qualities of it.

Step 3 (Proposal for Ad parody) 1% of Final Grade

I will do a parody of commercial called Adidas Adizero Beat 7 running shoes. The spoof product will be called Wesdidas Westwenty-one Tempo 10 running slippers. I will be filming in the cafeteria and instead of using shoes; I will use different kind of slippers which the model will wear. The sales lady will be interviewed and she will talk about the slippers. When the model wears the slippers, the model will go outside in the cold which the model will show how the slipper is amazing.

Step 4 (Storyboarding) 1% of Final Grade





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