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by on January 14, 2014


1) 2014- Volvo Jean-Claude Van Damme- The Epic Split

2) This commercial was created using moving cameras (RC) that would move with the truck in order to keep an close up shot with Van Damme and as he begins to do the split between the two trucks. As he progresses with the split, the cameras move away from him resulting in an extreme wide shot. As he completed the split, the cameras sided into a horizontal pan shot to give the perspective of how large this event is and to reinforce the message of the precision and steadiness of the trucks.

3) The props that were used were the trucks, a flat runway with plenty of area to do the split.

4) The transitions done in the commercial were all straight cuts.

5) Effects that were used were color correction and a trace of contrast and brightness.

6) The text was plain white standard Arial text, which would fade in and fade out, explaining how the steadiness of the Volvo trucks allowed them to complete the split.

7) The camera shots and angles were a chest shot at an eye level angle, gradually progressing to an extreme wide shot with a low angle. Lastly is a moving horizontal pan shot.

8) They helped showcase how the event was completed, creating an effect of accomplishment as they arrived to the extreme wide shot.

9) Audio was used throughout the commercial, as music played and in the beginning where Van Damme refers to through the help of the trucks and how the dynamic steering is implemented, he is able to achieve the “perfect” split. When the clip is reaching the end, the music becomes louder and more melodies are added reinforcing the idea of accomplishment.

10) In this commercial, no still images were used.


I will recreating and parodying the commercial “Volvo-The Epic Split”. The parody will be called “Winchester Jeans- The Amazing Split”, which will be filmed in one of the main hallways, and instead of Van Damme doing a split between two trucks, I will be showcasing a product “Winchester Jeans” while being pulled apart with my feet on chairs. There will be two people helping pull the chairs apart and all shots will be done in eye level angle. It will start with be speaking out of shot how through the pattern and sewing of the jeans, I am able to split with the jeans without ripping them. In the final frame, there will be text that enters in reinforcing how reliable the jeans are.

STEP 4: Storyboard

IMG_1960   IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1963  IMG_1964 IMG_1965 IMG_1966






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