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KennethP_U3A3_Trailer Activity

by on January 9, 2014

My group will remake the movie trailer ‘Stranger Than Fiction’. This movie is about an IRS worker named Harold Crick, who spends his life getting ready for work, going to work, going  back home from work, and doing other things, like and ordinary person should. His whole life changed when an author begins to write out his life, soon after Harold began hearing the narrators voice, a while after hearing the narrators voice, he recognized an author on television with a similar voice to the one he was hearing. The author reveals that Harold is going to die, so Harold must find the author before he dies. My group will be changing the trailer by changing the protagonist from a IRS auditor to a student in Sisler. The setting will be changed from an office to different areas in Sisler Highschool, we will also change the typewriter to a computer and we will also need props like backpacks, a computer, desk, books, binder, etc.

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