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by on December 21, 2013

For our recreation of a movie trailer, we will be doing the movie “Delivery Man”. This movie is about a main character (David) who is one of the sperm donors, and there was a mix up at the fertility clinic. It turns out that his sperm has been given to a lot of patients, and now he is the biological father of 533 children. Now he has a choice of either taking up his responsibility with all those children or get sued by 142 mothers from those 533 children. David then talks to his lawyer and asks for advice on what he should do and also he talked to his lawyer to fix this problem with the 142 mothers that are planning to sue him. Now for our version of the trailer with some Sisler/school related story, we’re planning to change the main character to a girl and the whole sperm thing into assigned homework that has been overdue and has not been done because she had missed a lot of classes. And instead of 142 mothers suing the main character, we would change the “mothers suing” to “given detentions”. So if the main character does not do all of her overdue homework, she will have to take 142 detentions. She will ask her guidance councilor for some advice to either find a way to finish all of her homework in time or to take up all those 142 detentions. The props that we will need are: paper as homework, writing utensils. And for our location, we will need to use the hallways, a classroom, and probably in front of the guidance office.


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