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by on December 20, 2013

Randahl R.                                                                                           December 20, 2013

Stranger Than Fiction Trailer –

Our trailer I’ll be about “Stranger Than Fiction” starring Will Ferrell. The movie is a bout an IRS Agent who’s life was normal until a writer tells him how to live his life. To put a Sisler twist to this trailer we would need people to play as the main character and the supporting character, we will need someone to play as a Karen Eiffel and Harold Crick. We will try to relate our trailer to the original trailer by changing the main character to a new student in the school trying to figure out how to fit in the crowd. We will use a computer instead of a type writer, we will use the school instead of office area and instead of someone trying to narrate his life it will be someone trying to write a book.

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