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Ayanna B_U2A1_Digital Manipulation

by on December 4, 2013

Activity 1: Digital Manipulation

Ayanna B


This picture is photo shopped. They made her hair and skin lighter, they smoothed out her skin by getting rid of her wrinkles and dark circles. Also, they made her look thinner.



This is not photo shopped because her face still has wrinkles, her hair and skin doesn’t look light, picture isn’t bright and her body doesn’t look to thin.



This is picture is photo shopped because everything has been darkened and there is lettering on top of the pic.



I think this one is photo shopped because it looks like the paper she is holding, was just replaced and her skin looks darker.



This picture is photo shopped. She was photo shopped on the money, she seems thinner and skin is lighter. To me her head looks like it was cropped onto another person’s body.



This is photo shopped. The clouds have been darkened and placed onto a picture of a city.



Before                                   After

This is a photo of Kim Kardashian. They made the whole picture brighter; you can see that they made her skin lighter and smoother. She has been photo shopped in the arm, belly and legs to make everything look thinner. They also fixed the outfit; made it more grey and fixed the rip above her leg.

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