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by on December 2, 2013


            Water is somewhat a necessity for every living thing on Earth: people, animals, trees, etc. What most people do not know is that water is also used for traditions in some cultures. It is more meaningful to others than it is to us, the people here in North America; people here take it for granted because we are used to it always being provided for us. I’d like my poster to focus on the subject of that very topic, of how North Americans and all other people in general, over use water. People do not realize how little supply of clean water the world has left; in fact, almost only 1% of Earth’s water is drinkable. Some waste it while bathing, while some throw it away if they are not thirsty anymore. I also would like to include on my poster of how the clean water now is basically non-existent anymore, of how much little of it is left. And if people continue to abuse it more and more each day, they will be left with nothing. People would be left to thirst and suffer for the rest of their lives. My poster would have contents such as: people abusing water (on one side) and people suffering in the near future (on the opposite side).

Word Document: PatriciaR_Water

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