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by on October 25, 2013


Kate Couric promotion on CBS news

This Picture is not Photoshopped, her body is normal, no sign of liquify tool used on any part of her body.


Jenifer Aniston in the cover of STAR

This picture is photoshopped, something in the paper was edited out of her hand and a shadow

outline was added around her hands.


Faith Hill on Redbook Cover

This picture is photoshopped, liquify tool was used to make her body and arms thinner, maybe to make the magazine more appealing to the buyers.


Adnan hajj photograph of aftermath of an IDF attack on Beirut

This picture is clearly photoshopped, the smoke was repeatedly clone stamped to another area to

make the picture more intense.


Oj Simpson in Time Magazine cover

This picture is manipulated using shadow/Highlights you can see the shadow on the corners on his shoulder

and top right corner of the picture and his face is a little darker, maybe to make it a little more dramatic.


Oprah Winfrey on TV guide magazine

This photo was photoshopped, Oprah Winfrey’s head was pasted to another body, and the body was taken out of its original background and replaced with a money pile, maybe to make it more appealing to the buyers and to add publicity.


Ralph Lauren

This picture i chose was obviously photoshopped, you can clearly see that the liqiufy tool was used over and over again on her arms and hips, Maybe to make the magazine cover more appealing to the public…..but that ain’t happening on this magazine. Probably gonna recieve more criticism rather than getting praised.


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