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by on October 25, 2013

Digital Manipulation

Microsoft Word Document: U2A1_OnlineActivity


This photo was photo shopped

-She is flawless in everywhere, no blemishes at all

-The patch tool was used to minimize her wrinkles under her eyes

-Her arm was re-shaped with the liquify filter, to make her arm thinner and longer

-Her skin was modified in photoshop to look smooth and soft

-Her skin, eyes, lips were all retouched

-There is text/words added to the photo


-This photo was photo shopped

-They brightened the picture, shows a usage of a photoshop filter

-Her body has been stretched by a photoshop tool, making her look fatter, we can see it as we look at her curves

-Widened her arms and face with a liquify tool


-This image was photo-shopped

-The image clearly uses a black and white filter

-The image has dark corners, indicating a filter has been added

-A blur filter has been added

-On the bottom right corner, we see that the person editing this photo cut off a rectangle there

-There are text/words in the image


-This image has been photo-shopped

-The head of Oprah has been added to the body of someone else

-Head doesn’t match the body size

-That isn’t how Oprah’s body figure realistically looks

-Sparkle-effects have been added around the chest area

-The marks around the neck area do not fit with the head of Oprah


-This image was photo-shopped

-Her face is clear from blemishes

-The papers on her hand are too bright/white, indicating an eraser tool has been used to erase off the design it originally had

-The way her hand is position as she holds the papers indicate that she originally had something in her hand as she was holding the papers with the same hand

-The image colors have a red tone to them, indicating that a red filter has been added to the image making it look red than what it actually looks like


-This image has been photo-shopped

-The image shows repetition of the same looking smoke, indicating that a copy stamp tool was used to copy and paste the same smoke all over

-The top part of the image is dimmed and without color while the bottom part is bright and standing out indicating a filter has been used

-A blur filter has been used showing depth of field the image (blurred background, focused foreground)

Celebreties Before And After

-This image is photo-shopped

-It has been photo-shopped to make the celebrity in the photo to look more captivating and more intriguing/attractive.

-As we can see, they removed the hair sticking out in front of her forehead

-They brightened up her skin to make her skin look more smooth, especially around the face area

-They enlarged her face, chest and increased her curves to make her look more flawless

-Her hair is brightened, which increases the dramatic effect the image has

-Shortened up the sleeves of the dress (which wraps around her shoulder)

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