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by on September 7, 2013


I agree with the article “Technology’s Negative effects on Teenagers” by ekjaer. Technology has its own positive and negative effects on everyone. By all means, it can be very useful to our everyday living, but as a consequence, teenagers are getting involved by the negative impact of it.                                                                    The main issue that is provided in this article is how technology often prevents people, especially teenagers, from doing something that will brighten up their future. Such as: learning, being active, paying attention to what they are doing, and personally interacting with people. They would rather interact with them through social media sites than in person. However, it is stated on the article that most jobs will require a fair level of interaction. But, because of technology, teenagers usually isolate themselves from others and often become lazy to learn and be active which make them unaware of their surroundings.                                                                          This article impacts the lives of our generation by mentioning the activities that technology will prevent most teenagers from doing. For instance, a person who spends less time using technology gets higher grades, is more active; has more social interaction. This is compared to the person who just sits in front of their computer, phone, tablet, etc. for the whole day. For someone who is addicted to technology, like me, this article made me realize that technology has been preventing me to: get the grades that I have been aiming for, from interacting with my family and friends more ,and especially from preparing me for a proper future.


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